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What Is “Magnesium Oil?”

Magnesium oil is actually not an oil but a highly concentrated solution of magnesium chloride in water with an oily texture, which is well suited to topical applications. It boosts almost all aspects of cell physiology and can be used orally, intravenously, and transdermally.

Magnesium chloride treatments address systemic nutritional deficiencies, act to improve the function of our cells and immune system, and help protect cells from oxidative damage. It’s a systemic medicine as well as a local one bringing new life and energy to the cells wherever it is applied topically.”

Topical” magnesium is particularly helpful for those seeking a safe method of increasing magnesium intake beyond that possible with oral supplements. It is an excellent choice for people who suffering from low tolerance for oral magnesium (diarrhoea or other intestinal complaints).


Is the transdermal use of Magnesium safe?

There are almost no precautions to observe with transdermal use of magnesium. For most people without kidney disorders it’s totally safe because the skin does regulate the Mg intake automatically, means it takes only what it needs and dosage issues are simply a matter of personal choice & needs.


MAGOS Magnesium–Organic Sulfur Oil/Mineral Solution

MAGOS Magnesium-Organic Sulfur Mineral Solution is restoring cellular magnesium levels through the skin most efficiently and helps to detox the body tissue at the same time.

It is a highly concentrated transdermal magnesium mineral supplement (+ organic Sulphur), which contains pure magnesium chloride & other trace minerals harvested from the Dead Sea in the Middle East, the deepest hyper-saline like lake in the world, reaching deep into the earth’ crust where ancient minerals deposits are still abundant.

The Magnesium Chloride salt is harvested by utilizing natural solar energy that evaporates the water in the Dead Sea, naturally concentrating the salt to very high level. An independent laboratory also did test the Mg-Chloride salt used for MAGOS products. All levels are compliant to and in most cases well surpass Pharmacopeia or FCC standards.

One teaspoon/~5ml MAGOS mineral solution contains approximately 450 mg of elemental magnesium.

MAGOS Magnesium/Organic Sulfur Oil is highly concentrated & rapidly absorbed into the skin. It is available in a 250 ml spray and 1 L professional size/refill bottle.


MAGOS Magnesium & Organic Sulfur Gel

Magnesium & Organic Sulfur gel with organic coconut oil is a form of transdermal magnesium designed to deliver magnesium topically for rapid absorption into the cells in a gentle way.

One teaspoon/`~5ml contains approximately 400 mg of elemental magnesium.

MAGOS Magnesium & Organic Sulfur Gel is efficient at delivering high dosages of elemental Magnesium combined with cosmetic benefits. It is available in 250ml pump bottles.


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