MAGOS Mineral Solution proudly made in Raglan, New Zealand

     Ngarunui Beach, Raglan NZ, photography by Jens Koch



Who are we?

I am Arne and I struggled with various health challenges for over 20 years. In 1997 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) and in 2006 the condition got progressive (SPMS). From there my health declined rapidly and every year a new med. condition did appear (Asthma, Tachycardia, Hashimoto D. etc. etc. just to name a few).

All were difficult to overcome and unfortunately, most allopathic medicine made me not better but worse. But along the way, I found some answers like restoring proper blood drainage from the brain (CCSVI procedure in 2010 & 2011), which did stop the progression completely but every time after one year my blood vessels did restenose again and my so called “MS” came back.

In 2012 kind of a ‘miracle’ did happen, which changed everything in my life to the good. At this time I lived in Western Australia not far from the sea and because of the enormous summer heat soaking in the Indian Ocean for an hour every day became a daily routine. It didn’t take long that I recognised that there must be ‘something in the water’ because lifelong “MS” symptoms disappeared at least for the evening after I had a swim in the ocean.

That started my fascination with Magnesium and other minerals. Later I produced my own transdermal supplements because the special mineral combo of Magnesium & Organic Sulphur, which helped me most, wasn’t available in New Zealand.

Years of trials and research followed and deepened my understanding of the importance of minerals especially Magnesium, functional Copper & Iron.

My condition meanwhile got better and better and in 2016 I was healthy enough and able to start ‘MAGOS MINERALS’ with the aim to help other people who are suffering from chronic health condition as well.

Best Arne


  Heiko & Arne Kaminsky at the ‘Great Food Show’, Hamilton